What is a Ski / MTB season Let?

A typical winter ski season seasonal let in Morzine is five months in duration and runs from the 1st December until the 30th April. Summer mtb season lets generally start from the 1st June until the 09th September. We can sometimes be flexible on these dates, depending on your requirements. Please ask us if you have different dates in mind for your winter ski season or summer MTB season in Morzine.

Why is the full season's rent due up front?

The reason we ask for full payment before the actual start of the winter ski season is that the majority of property owners stipulate this in their contracts. The main reason they do this is to protect themselves from tenants defaulting on rental payments or leaving resort early. Also once a deposit has been received from you for your winter or summer seasonal accommodation in Morzine that property is then taken of the market and unavailable to others looking for their seasonal accommodation and potentially resulting in empty beds/apartments for the ski/summer season. 

What is the security / damage deposit?

The damage deposit is a payment that is required before you enter your seasonal property to protect against any damage that might be caused over the winter ski season or summer MTB season in Morzine. It can also be used to cover excessive bills. The damage deposit amount is individual to each property and the rental amount for that property but usually amounts to one months rent. All damage deposits received for your seasonaire accommodation will be returned in full once the winter ski/summer mtb season has ended. Winter season ends on 30th April and Summer in September. An agent will check your property thoroughly and if no damage has been caused your deposit will be returned in full. 

Do I need Ski / MTB season travel insurance?

It is highly recommended for you to take our some form of insurance for your ski season in Morzine, both for you personally, and for your personal possessions. You are also require you to take out “Tenants liability insurance” which is a French legal requirement and can be obtained at AXA insurance in Morzine (For non shared properties only). We also highly recommend that you take out ski or snowboard accident insurance as French medical care can be extremely expensive should you not be covered by insurance. Some companies offer great seasonal insurance cover for seasonaires, we recommend, 

These will cover you for your personal belongings but remember if your accident happened on the hill you need to be covered to get down, this can be very costly in a helicopter or scadoo so check out this, its used by all the locals and is great, also known as Carte Neige for 49 Euro for the year, so it will cover you anywhere in Europe for your winter ski season or summer mtb season. 

What is the best way to get to Morzine for your Ski / MTB season?

There are many way available to travel to Morzine for your winter ski and summer MTB season in Morzine, please see this link here to an extensive article from our Summer site on the best way's t travel to Morzine. Also if you decide to you have far to much stuff to drag on a plane or train etc then we can fully recommend Andy from deliveries to the Alps to get your stuff to Morzine safely and cheaply. He has been transporting winter ski seasonaire baggage and equipment for many years. 

How do I find work for my Ski season in Morzine?

Finding work for your ski season can be a stressful process so we here at Ski season beds have set up a new Facebook page solely dedicated to helping seasonaires find work in Morzine for their winter season, see link here below. New jobs will be posted as and when they are received by potential employers!

What equipment do I need for my winter Ski season in Morzine?

Well well well, there is so much equipment one could have for their Ski season ranging from your essentials like Ski's/Snowboard to Avalanche back packs and GoPro's. If you do not have your equipment before you arrive in resort there are many shop that will be selling of last years kit and old renal kit for cheap, one of the best being http://www.doorstepskis.com/en/ drop them an email with your requests and they will get back to you!

  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Clothing
  • Thermals
  • Goggles/gloves
  • Back pack with transceiver, probe and shovel if you intend doing ANY off piste.
  • GoPro to look rad. 

If you have any further questions you need answering regarding you winter ski season accommodation or simply general seasonaire accommodation in Morzine please drop us a line. Always happy to help.