Seasonaire accommodation in Morzine

So when people say they are looking for seasonal / seasonaire accommodation in Morzine for their winter Ski season there are only two real options. Number one is a private Chalet or Apartment that typically 2-4 people will live in for the season. These properties vary in size, age, location and facilities, They usually do not have WiFi but it can be installed, bills are included in all our properties but can be subject to additional fee/s is excessively used.

Number two is the option of shared accommodation, these properties cater for anything between 10-20 seasonaires and have all the facilities you need. This is not an option for every one but if it is your first winter ski season they are excellent places to meet new friends, socialize and with all your bills fully included, wifi, sky tv etc there is nothing else you need to do but put the beers in the fridge. 

See two great examples below, from the Infamous Chalet Marmotte to a great studio apartment.


If there is anything specific you are looking for please get in touch and we will source it for you, or try our very best to!


Ski season beds team